Top Four: Music (Not) to Skate To

badly-drawn-boy-250x200.jpgOk, I admit it: yes, I’m in my 30s, and yes, I still skateboard. Whether this makes me incredibly brave, incredibly stupid, hopelessly juvenile, or the coolest old dude on the block is completely debatable.

Skating is an aggressive sport that can be brutal on your body, so I’ve always thought that it lends itself to fun, aggressive, loud, or energetic music. But I’m amazed at some of the sad, dreary music I hear being played at skateparks. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve heard:

Radiohead: I think Radiohead is fascinating to listen to, but those soft, falsetto vocals and brooding chord progressions don’t exactly get me pumped to do physical activity.

The Smiths: I’ve always liked the Smiths, but listening to Morrissey sing about wanting a job as a back scrubber doesn’t help me focus on the 10-foot concrete wall that I’m about to ride up onto.

Dashboard Confessional: I totally get the appeal of the sensitive anthem, but it’s completely counterintuitive to hauling ass on a piece of wood and four small wheels. Isn’t it?

Badly Drawn Boy: This one baffles me. The accoustic guitars, pop melodies and reflective lyrics make me want to hold a lighter up in the air with hundreds of other people, not roll down into a six-foot deep half-pipe.

Perhaps we’re witnessing a sea change in skating aesthetic. Take a listen and hear for yourself:

Top Four: Music (Not) To Skate To