Mission Creep: Military Dispatches

As part of our special investigation “Mission Creep: US Military Presence Worldwide,” we asked a host of military thinkers to contribute their two cents on topics relating to global Pentagon strategy. Their responses will be archived below after publication on motherjones.com.

Dispatch: Robert Kaplan
In Defense of the Pentagon’s Small, Small World

Dispatch: Katherine McCaffrey
Fighting for Freedom but Projecting Misery

Dispatch: Winslow Wheeler
It’s Not Just the Bases—or the Nukes

Dispatch: Steven Metz
America’s Global Military Footprint Is the Lesser Evil

Dispatch: C. Douglas Lummis
Pentagon Promise Breakers: Friday the 13th in Okinawa

Dispatch: Douglas Macgregor
Lessons from the Terror War, and Wrestling

Dispatch: John Nagl
How the US Can Win in Afghanistan; Lessons From Iraq

Dispatch: William Hartung
How Can We Reduce the US Military Footprint?

Dispatch: John Lindsay-Poland
Transforming Unaccountable Force

Dispatch: John Feffer
Surrounding China’s String of Pearls

Dispatch: Catherine Lutz
Welcome to Guam, USA

Dispatch: Peter Beck
Does South Korea Still Need GI Joe?

Dispatch: Nick Turse
The Pentagon’s Mad Scramble for Africa

Dispatch: John Pike
Regarding Bear DNA: Russia and Sarah Palin’s Geopolitics

Dispatch: Mark Selden
Guns Before Butter: Why America Is Losing Clout to Asia


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