Inaugural Ball Performance Wrapup

So many stars, so little time! First up, via Pitchfork, it’s this tear-jerking performance from Beyoncé at the Neighborhood Ball. She does an admirably restrained version of Etta James’ “At Last” as our first couple dances somewhat awkwardly but charmingly on stage.

After the jump: Kanye, Mariah, and the 12-headed pop-rock-rap monster.

Kanye West was over at the Youth Ball, which by the way must have been very frustrating for, say, the 37-year-olds. Anyway, Kanye does an incredibly fast-paced medley of hits including his part from Estelle’s “American Boy” and a couple tracks from 808s and Heartbreak.

If you’re interested, here’s Mariah Carey at the Neighborhood Ball, whose bland speechifying and syrupy ballad “Hero” are just embarrassingly bad, but hey, it’s not my thing, and the Obama era is supposed to be about acceptance…

Here’s the big combo performance of “Signed Sealed Delivered” with, uh,, Maroon 5, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Sting and Jay-Z, as well as our new president and his wife happily shimmying along on some sort of go-go platform.

Still looking for footage of Common at the Home States ball…