Two Important Stimulus Links

A full breakdown of where stimulus money is going is here. An example, taken at random:

Federal Aviation Administration infrastructure                 $200,000,000

Grants-in-aid for airports                                                  $1,100,000,000

Highway infrastructure investment                                   $26,725,000,000

Highway infrastructure investment in Puerto Rico           $105,000,000

Highway infrastructure funds distributed by states          $60,000,000

Highway funds for the Indian Reservation Roads program $550,000,000

And the end result of the wrangle over executive pay limitations is here. The upshot: the strongest versions of the pay limitations, proposed by Sens. Wyden, Snowe, and McCaskill, were not adopted; a gentler version, proposed by Sen. Dodd, was.

Update: Oh, forgot. Here’s my piece from yesterday on the green community’s reaction to the stimulus bill. In short: they love it.

Update Update: It’s a cavalcade of links. Whistleblower protections stay in the bill!