Public Financing Bill: Go Time!

The public financing bill that I mentioned last week was introduced in Congress Tuesday. It’s called the Fair Elections Now Act, and good government groups are already lining up behind it. Here’s Common Cause, in an email to supporters:

Our nation is facing many challenges. But instead of focusing on addressing important issues like jobs, the economy and healthcare, elected officials in Washington are spending countless hours fundraising to make sure they can afford to run their next campaign.

And the problem is getting worse. Because the costs of campaigns are skyrocketing, our officials are more and more dependent on big contributions from wealthy donors and lobbyists, giving special interests undue influence over important policy decisions.

We need our leaders to spend more time on the job, instead of on the fundraising circuit. The bipartisan Fair Elections Now Act – introduced in Congress today – will make that possible.

Common Cause suggests you go this site and send a form email to your representatives.

Public Campaign Action Fund and Democracy 21 also quickly climbed on board. You can learn more about the bill at the website of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), one of the co-sponsors of the bill.

Update: Change Congress gets in the game with a nifty vote whipping tool.