Brodner’s Cartoon du Jour: Milton Glaser

Wendy Keys’ fascinating doc, Milton Glaser: to Delight and Inform is worth seeing, either here at the Cinema Village, or in your home or classroom later. You don’t get as much of Glaser the essayist as I’d like, but you get generous amounts of Milton’s art and thoughts on his life. A word that keeps coming up is “commonality.” He uses it early on to describe art’s power to bring people from different corners of life together by having a shared narrative and aestheic experience. To me a beautiful idea and a dream that infuses me everyday. Later he uses it to refer to the commonality of his work, that his different media and “styles” (a word we both hate) share and all inform one other. It’s good to see Steve Heller, Walter Bernard, and Katrina V.H. on the big screen. No Mirko as I could tell (although he’s fondly talked about). No Seymour nor Sorel (but pix of them as “kids”). It’s all Uncle Miltie’s show and a great one it is.


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