Brodner’s Cartoon du Jour: Got Stupid?

Got Stupid?

Got stupid? Do we!…and how!! This summer has taken our temperature as a nation and we have come up a walking basket case of stupid. So here it is, the conspiracy as a tumor: representing the medical industry, a monopoly, the only ones who want to keep this diseased system…along with their pols, who are their metastasis. And the biggest tumor of all, Betsy McCaughey, a thoroughbred liar of the first water, pumping out scary BS all season perfectly designed for the right-wing garbage news network to crank up people who don’t get news, or don’t want it. These people show up at town meetings proudly flaunting their stupidity: terrified about the death panels that don’t exist while apparently having no problem with the monopoly-based ones in place right now. And a mainstream media too afraid of the right (for some reason) to call them what they are: stupid.

Betsy’s lies here.

Tonight Obama must dispel the BS and give the monopolists hell. Let them and country know that there will be a public option and the jig is up. And the Democrats will do this with 51 votes through reconciliation. Do you think he will do that, or try to make nice with people whose vision for the country extends only in seeing Obama fail? It’s a new season and we can only hope.