Eco-News Roundup: Friday, September 18

A Friday sampling of health, science, and environment news:

No health care for C-section moms: Many insurers won’t cover women who have given birth through Cesarean section. Also, women who have suffered domestic abuse.

New CAFE fuel standards: The rules governing fuel economy and carbon emissions for cars are changing. Kevin Drum explains with a handy chart.

Climate bill outlook cloudy: What did the White House have to say for itself about delaying the climate bill? Not much.

Cruisin’ for a planetary bruisin’: Friends of the Earth graded major cruise lines on their greenness. Are you surprised that none got an A? Now if they were to be graded on weirdness… [Seattle Times]

First lady hits the first farmers’ market: Michelle Obama, who for some reason chose to wear a lei to the first White House farmers’ market, appears to be perusing the potatoes. [Grist]