Eco-News Roundup: Friday November 6

GOP Gone: Repubs boycott the climate bill markup. Dems unimpressed.

Boxing Day: Sen. Boxer moves climate bill, Republicans or no.

Too Late: Even with climate bill moving, it won’t get passed before Copenhagen.

Pay as You Go: California advances pay-per-mile auto insurance, partly to relieve air pollution. [Sacramento Bee]

Public v. Private: So the public option’s still around, but its premiums will top private’s.

Letter of Support: Chamber of Commerce says it supports bipartisan climate bills. Kind of.

Presidential Promise: Obama tells tribal leaders they won’t be “forgotten” on climate. [New York Times]

Winning Cap: Cap and trade could actually be a really sweet deal for some companies.

Big Business: Not all business trade groups are anti-climate like the Chamber.

Nano-What?: Nanoparticles could damage DNA, even from a distance. [Guardian]

Bigger in Texas: Texas gov says state is a model of healthcare reform. Kevin Drum disagrees.