Brodner’s Cartoon du Jour: Best and Worst of Last Night

Here are some of my best and worst moments from last night’s State of the Union.


1- Obama’s giving away the store on NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS and CLEAN COAL technology, which is an oxymoron (perhaps requiring Oxy-clean). Was that necessary to advocate for climate legislation? Uchhh.

2- Bipartisan veneers, in the face of mud thrown at him for 365 days straight. I wonder if he’s heard about this.


1- The great moment when he got everyone on their feet cheering: “Jobs must be the focus of 2010.” And a second later, with all the Republicans (noticeably John Boehner) applauding: “…and that is why I am calling for a new jobs bill tonight.” Swift.

State of the Union 2

2- Ending the idiotic “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

3- The picture of one of the bandits in bedsheets, Alito, surrounded by a president, Congress, and American people clearly condemning their disastrous decision on corporate campaigning, mouthing, “It’s not true.” Not quite a Wilson, but we still caught it.

You Lie!


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