Eco-News Roundup: Friday February 26

Waste of Time? That’s the takeaway of one blogger on healthcare summit so far.

Pre-existing Debate: If Obama can get GOP to admit pre-existing conditions are unfair, it’ll go a long way.

Movers and Swimmers: Galapagos seals exploit warmer waters and move. [MongaBay]

Bloom Box: A new, supposedly green energy device is confusingly vague.

Non-Story: Reconciliation isn’t some controversial new technique to get bills passed.

Ho Hum: GM considers new buyers for CO2-spewing Hummer brand. [Bloomberg]

Zombie Bill: An explanation of why the public option will stay dead.

Hill Scrum: Due to healthcare reform, there are now 8 health lobbyists per lawmaker.

New Ban in Town: Nebraska tries to ban late-term abortions on basis of fetal pain. [LA Times]

Fed Shocker: Federal government is investigating a school that disciplines with electric shocks.

Green Closet: Glenn Beck is surpisingly green, at least in private.

Pre-Storm Sham: Why the healthcare summit isn’t really an effort at bipartisanship.