Yodeling Echo of R. Kelly (VIDEO)

Screenshot courtesy <a href="http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/gowhere-hip-hop/2010/03/r-kelly-echo-leads-new-videos.html">ChicagoNow.com</a>

Ever wonder what’s going on with R. Kelly, onetime White House visitor and all-time master of the R&B sex jam, who was once jammed in the slammer for sex (with a minor)? He introduced his new video, “Echo,” via Twitter late last week and it’s certainly gone viral—though not in the way one might associate Kelly with that term.

“Echo” is the typical R. Kelly hook, a stereophonic display of his confusion between a metaphor for sex and the sex itself. Here there is no one to remind him of his jeep, no key for his ignition, no belief in flight, no closet in which to be trapped. There is only Robert. And The Sound of Music.

It’s true: R. Kelly yodels. He brings the hills to life with the sound of his music. (That’s a literal, not metaphorical, compliment—watch the video.)

In this strangely earnest twist on the Julie Andrews camp classic, R. Kelly is somehow endearing—ever the suave, sweet misogynist with a sex craze ready to objectify anything that moves…or fails to move quickly enough. In our pomographic, sex-addled, pop-edge music world, he is the male yin to Lady Gaga‘s yang, right down to the ridiculous glasses.

Here’s a sampling of his lyrics, with the full video below:

I got your eyes rolling back, fingernails in your spine,

(Sex in the evening, sex all night)

you never had a sex session like this one in your life.

(Sex in the evening, sex all night)

Now when we finally get to round ten, we not gon’ stop, we’ll start again.

Then when you need a break, I’ll let you up, I’ll let you breathe, wash your face, get somethin’ to eat,

Then come back to the bedroom,

And I’ll be waitin’ for you right there baby,

I’ll be waitin’ there to [?] like crazy…

I hope you’re ready to go all day long,

Hope you’re ready girl to scream and moan

Like yodeleheyodelehehoo!

Wanna hear you echo, echo, echo…