Eco-News Roundup: Friday September 24

Weekly news on health and the environment from our other blogs.

New Start: Health care reforms start going into action this week.

Bang for Buck: Americans pay a lot for health care, but don’t get much for it.

Ch-ch-Changes: Kaiser has a handy timeline of when health care reforms start.

Planning Ahead: GOP may not be able to repeal health reform, but it can chip at it.

Warm Glow: Dems are basking in the light of newly enacted health reform.

Obtuse Angle: Sharron Angle mocks autism, decries maternity leave since she won’t have more kids.

Jailing Gramps: Caring for elderly prisoners is becoming increasingly expensive, and inhumane.

Conspiracy Theory: Avastin wasn’t rationed away by Obamacare: the drug just didn’t work.

Live from Haiti: Our reporter Tweets her time with a rape victim receiving care in Haiti.