Sexiest, and Sexist-ist, Costumes from Target

I was browsing the costume selection at, and didn’t realize that more than half of the girls’ costumes are miniskirts (Brrr! Plus, can you say sexualization of children?). Here’s a selection of the sexiest, and most sexist, costumes I found for kids. They actually weren’t as bad as I was expecting, and there were some adorable costumes as well, but something about the ensembles below just rubs me the wrong way. 


Soldier Sweetie

Women now make up 14% of the US Army. Isn’t there room for a soldier outfit that doesn’t involve this top?





Kimono Kutie

This outfit is a bizarre mix of the Japanese kimono, Chinese qipao, and San Francisco massage parlor. There’s actually not that much wrong with it, other than bastardization of culture which happens to everyone (Native Americans, Arabs, pirates etc) during the holiday. I’m just glad they found an excuse to use the Asian kid, ’cause she’s adorable.


Referee Girl

With the knee-socks, the hat, and the short skirt, this costume looks more Britney Spears than sporty. But hey, they gave her a whistle.





Doctor Scrubs

Target uses only boys to model the green and blue surgeon’s kid’s scrubs. The pink vet’s scrubs are shown on a girl. There is one set of unisex ER scrubs for older kids, but they’re listed in the boy’s section.




Madame Butterfly

I don’t know about the soundness of making a costume for pre-teens based on someone who gets married at 15, has a child, is abandoned, and then commits suicide. Pretty colors, though. This costume is listed under “Occupation.”




Wizard Wanda

This is offensive. Not because of the sexy schoolgirl. It’s just an obvious Harry Potter rip-off. It’s worth noting there are regular Hogwarts, I mean, wizard robes at Target: they’re just not listed as “girl” costumes.




Cuddly Lion

This is one of the very few times uses an African-American girl as a costume model. It’s not exactly sexist, maybe just a little insensitive.