And Now for an International News Break…

Liberia was founded by the children of American slaves and slaveowners, whose fathers frequently wanted evidence of their dalliances far, far out of sight. And you thought your parents screwed you up.

Editors’ Note: Laura McClure is traveling in Liberia this month on an IRP Gatekeeper Editors trip organized by the International Reporting Project (IRP). The IRP, formerly known as the Pew International Journalism Program, is a nonprofit dedicated to filling gaps in American media coverage of international issues.

Need a break from tea party nuttiness? MoJo‘s got you covered. I’m here in Liberia this month—along with 10 US-based editors from outlets such as NPR, the Washington Post, and The Root—to see how a country rebuilds after a gruesome and protracted civil war. Soon I’ll introduce you to born-again warlords, former child soldiers, General Peanut Butter—a potential 2011 presidential candidate—and Jewel, the ex-wife of charismatic war criminal Charles Taylor. You’ll also meet some of the inspiring women who brought peace to Liberia and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president. Gods and WiFi willing, I’ll be blogging once daily over on The Rights Stuff about all that, plus human rights, women’s health, and whatever shiny culture factoid I pocket that day in Africa. Please join me online the next few weeks. It’s going to be fun.