Eco-News Roundup: Friday April 22

Health and environmental stories from our other blogs this week.

Company Men: Dems opposing Medicare panel have industry ties.

Old Hat: BP is back in the politics game, greasing palms in DC.

Anti-Anal: Map of states that still have legal bans on anal sex.

Old Guy, New Ad: Ad suggests if GOP reforms Medicare, gramps will have to become a stripper.

Teen Spirit: Study says living in a Democratic area reduces suicide by gay teens.

Cutting Candidates: Bill requires long-form birth certificate or circumcision record to run for office.

Cost of Business: There’s a key flaw in the notion that health care is a consumer good.

High Costs: Americans pay a lot for health care, but they don’t get much covered.

Mr. Robato: Tech multitasking may be eating your brain.