I Can’t Stop Laughing At This Photo Of David Cameron

The British go to the polls next month to determine whether Tory PM David Cameron gets to stay at 10 Downing St or if Ed Miliband and Labour get to form a government. Polls are close. It’s getting down to the wire. Fascinating stuff. This post is not about that.

During a photo-op at a school in Westhoughton yesterday, Cameron gave some students a “reading lesson.” But what one precocious child learned was how to steal the scene.

I wish the kid had fallen asleep because that would be hilarious but the video makes clear she only momentarily “head-desked” out of embarrassment after stumbling on a word.

(Don’t worry, kid. It happems.)

The photo is amazing but even more amazing is that the same thing happened to Australian Tory PM Tony Abbott last year.

Since things tend to happen in threes, Canadian Tory PM Stephen Harper should consider himself warned.