Elizabeth Warren Mocks Trump on Twitter and Goads Him Into Striking Back

The senator from Massachusetts is embracing her role as a Democratic attack dog.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ramped up her attacks on Donald Trump on Wednesday, this time taking to Twitter to assail the Republican presidential candidate for what she sees as sexism.

Warren also called out Trump University, the real estate magnate’s eponymous “university” that is currently under investigation for allegedly scamming its students, along with his position on Wall Street regulation.

Not one to refuse a good social-media sparring, Trump responded to Warren’s latest tweetstorm by claiming she chose not to enter the presidential race because of her “phony Native American heritage.” In doing so, Trump made sure to re-up the nickname he recently coined for her, “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.” (Trump has made a habit of disparaging his opponents with similar epithets, a practice that introduced the political world to “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco.”)

Wednesday’s back-and-forth comes as Warren embraces her role as a Democratic attack dog in the upcoming general election. Warren concluded her tweetstorm on Wednesday on a sharp note.