Donald Trump Complains About Ivanka’s Cosmopolitan Interview, Admits He Hasn’t Read It

He slammed the publication as “a useless magazine, a worthless magazine.”

Mike Segar/Reuters via ZUMA Press

Ivanka Trump’s recent interview with Cosmopolitan quickly went off the rails when she was asked to reconcile her father’s new child care policy with his previous statements criticizing working mothers. On Friday, Donald Trump stood up for his daughter by slamming Cosmopolitan reporter Prachi Gupta for having the nerve to conduct a serious interview.

“She was like attacked by this rather non-intelligent reporter, really attacked viciously,” Trump told Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo over the phone.

Trump also had harsh words for Cosmopolitan, referring to it as “a useless magazine, a worthless magazine” and saying that “it has gone downhill” since the death of longtime editor Helen Gurley Brown.

“She did him a favor, because who wants to read it in Cosmo?” Trump said of his daughter’s agreeing to do the interview with Gupta, apparently unaware that Gupta is a woman. “Nobody wants to read it in Cosmopolitan magazine any more. She did it to be nice.”

Trump also told Bartiromo that he hasn’t actually read the interview. “I heard the person—I haven’t seen it—but I heard the person was really rude,” he said.