Sean Spicer’s Press Briefings May Be Coming to an End. Here’s How You’ll Remember Them.

Our definitive, 90-second ”in memoriam” reel.

White house Press Secretary Sean Spicer will be moving to a full time, behind-the-scenes role in the Trump administration—away from the glare of the lights and cameras (and badgering) of the press briefing room—Fox News reported Monday afternoon.

According to the network’s White House correspondent, John Roberts, Spicer will no longer act as press secretary. Instead, he’ll be promoted to a position overseeing both White House communications strategy and press relations—part of a broader restructure after communications director Michael Dubke resigned last month. A reporter from BuzzFeed News confirmed the news of Spicer’s expected move:

Separately, Politico reported on Monday that the search for Spicer’s replacement is well underway: Fox News contributor and radio host Laura Ingraham has already been interviewed for the gig. On Fox News, Roberts reported that White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders will likely give more frequent press briefings.

To honor this moment in Spicer’s career, we’ve edited together Spicer’s most…uh…memorable moments from behind the podium. Watch above.