CNN Just Published An Internal Trump Org Document Detailing A Proposed Development In Moscow

Evan Vucci/AP; Moscow: Mordolff/Getty

Last month, the Washington Post revealed that Trump associates Michael Cohen and Felix Sater had explored developing a Trump Tower in Moscow as late as early 2016, despite the fact that Donald Trump himself has said many times that he had no business dealings in Russia. (Trump’s assertion was never true: We found lots of times he had done or attempted to do business in Russia.)

CNN just shed new light on the curious Trump Tower Moscow development, with the Friday afternoon publication of a 17-page letter of intent:

An internal Trump Organization document from October 2015, obtained by CNN on Thursday, reveals the details of a 17-page letter of intent that set the stage for Trump’s attorney to negotiate a promising branding venture for Trump condominiums, a hotel and commercial property in the heart of Moscow. Trump signed the document later that month, according to Michael Cohen, his corporate attorney at the time. The document CNN obtained does not have Trump’s signature because it is a copy of the deal that Cohen brought to Trump to sign. Cohen pulled out of the arrangement three months later as the project failed to get off the ground.

Go read the whole thing.

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