Something Very Weird Is Happening in Trumpland Regarding Syria

Trump can’t get his Syria story straight, and his supporters are blaming the “deep state.”

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Donald Trump fancies himself a decisive leader. On the campaign trail he said he would never “telegraph” his military strategy, but early Wednesday morning, he appeared to do just that:

Now, just a day later, the president seems to have sharply reversed course, returning to Twitter in an effort to make his missile threat much less decisive sounding. 

So Trump now appears to be denying that in Wednesday’s tweet he blurted out too much about his strategy for responding to the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

Meanwhile, some of the president’s most prominent supporters are busy concocting bizarre conspiracy theories about the chemical attack. For example, Michael Flynn Jr.—the son of Michael Flynn, Trump’s original national security advisor who is now cooperating with Robert Mueller’s investigation—had this to say: