Trump Calls Omarosa “That Dog” in Escalated Attack Against Former White House Aide

Just as a recording in which Trump aides allegedly discuss his use of the n-word was released.

Chris Kleponis/ZUMA

In a particularly vicious tweet, President Donald Trump attacked Omarosa Manigault Newman as “that dog” and a “crying lowlife” amid the former White House aide and reality star’s release of secret recordings from inside the White House and the Trump campaign trail.

The escalated attack on Tuesday came moments after CBS News aired a recording provided by Newman that purports to involve Trump campaign staffers discussing how to deal with the potential fallout of a tape that allegedly shows Trump using the n-word during his work on NBC’s “The Apprentice.” The recording is the third to be released by Newman in recent days, as the former reality star promotes Unhinged, her book detailing her brief and controversial tenure inside the White House.

In a likely effort to mount a preemptive strike before the latest release, Trump took to social media late Monday to deny claims that he regularly used the n-word during the filming of “The Apprentice.”

While Trump has a long record of hurling insults against his perceived enemies, the president has typically reserved animal comparisons for those he holds in especially high contempt. Previous targets have included Hillary Clinton (“Was that a dog?” Trump once joked after a supporter made the sound of a barking dog), James Clapper (“Watch them start to choke like dogs,” he told reporters referring to the former Director of National Intelligence and Sally Yates), and undocumented immigrants (“These aren’t people, these are animals.”). Many on social media Tuesday quickly noted the shock of the president labeling Newman, a black woman, a dog.