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You Will Die Alone in a Ditch With a Headache—But At Least the Headache Won't Have Been Your Fault

...according to a depressing new study.

| Wed Sep. 2, 2015 10:18 AM EDT

Alcohol is great. Maybe not health-wise and maybe not for your uncle who has a bunch of DUIs but, in general, society has long agreed that alcohol is great. The bad thing about alcohol is that sometimes drinking it makes your head hurt the next day. In the world, we call this a hangover. Some people get them worse than other people. The lucky ducks who seem spry and dandy no matter how much they put away the night before often offer unluckier ducks #smarttips for not getting hangovers. Drink water! Eat grease! Mediate! Pray! Have you tried barre classes? These tips probably never work for you—or at least never work consistently for you. (Everything works anecdotally once in a while.) But that's probably your fault, right? I mean everything is your fault. That's why you drink so much in the first place. Your parents got divorced because of you. Your spouse is unhappy because of you. The Dow Jones is down because of you. America is entangled in a never-ending mess in the middle east because of you. Hollywood keeps rebooting Spider-Man because of you. These hangover tips aren't working because of you, too, right?


Raiding the fridge or downing glasses of water after a night of heavy drinking won't improve your sore head the next day, Dutch research suggests.

Instead, a study concluded, the only way to prevent a hangover is to drink less alcohol.

The bad news is: you will die with a headache. The good news is: it won't be your fault.

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You Are Haunted By Regret. Soon You Will Be Haunted By Even More Regret.

McDonald's all-day breakfast, a dream long spoken of only in hushed tones and all-caps social media posts, is finally becoming a reality.

| Wed Sep. 2, 2015 9:32 AM EDT

You shouldn't eat fast food because fast food is bad for you but if you do eat fast food—and you will eat fast food at least once in a while because no one can be perfect all the time—then you could probably do worse than eat a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, which will finally be available all-day, along with the rest of McDonald's breakfast menu, starting October 6.

Here Is a Video of Sarah Palin Interviewing Donald Trump. It Is Bonkers.

"He is crushing it in the polls!"

| Sat Aug. 29, 2015 10:01 AM EDT


The "Bad Lip Reading" of the First GOP Presidential Debate Is Hilarious


| Wed Aug. 19, 2015 8:48 PM EDT

This is amazing. Watch it. Or don't. This isn't Fascist Italy. You can do whatever you want. George Washington came to this country on the Mayflower, which he made from wood he got from a cherry tree, because he wanted his ancestors to be able to make their own decisions. And George Washington NEVER told a lie. Think about that.

T h i n k

a b o u t

i t.

Here Is a Video of Marco Rubio Accidentally Hitting a Kid in the Head With a Football

The "beaning" happened at the Iowa State Fair.

| Tue Aug. 18, 2015 12:31 PM EDT

Marco Rubio decided to play a friendly game of "toss a football to children to demonstrate to voters how normal and approachable I am" at the Iowa State Fair this week. Things didn't go as planned.

Our friends at SB Nation say it was the kid's fault.

This isn't some political statement. Marco Rubio is fine here. We're not talking about his politics, we'll leave that up to you -- but this is 100 percent on the hands (or head) of his receiver. The kid's arms are wide like he's catching a beach ball, his coordination is all off. Rubio threw a tight spiral.
Fri Aug. 14, 2015 3:44 PM EDT
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