Oceans Links

Groups working on oceans research and advocacy.

Photo: Pew Trusts

Alaska Marine Conservation Council
Alaska Oceans Program
Alaska Wilderness League
Bill Fish Foundation
Blue Frontier Campaign
Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association
Chefs Collaborative Seafood Solutions
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Clean Water Action
Coastal Conservation Association
Conservation Law Foundation: Healthy Oceans
Coral Reef Alliance(CORAL)
Endangered Fish Alliance
Environmental Defense
Friends of the Earth
Gulf Restoration Network
Greenpeace: Save Our Seas
International Game Fish Association
Jersey Coast Angler’s Association
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Marine Fish Conservation Network
Monterey Bay Aquarium
National Fisheries Conservation Center
National Coalition for Marine Conservation
National Environmental Trust
The Nature Conservancy
Ocean Champions
Ocean Champions Voter Fund
The Ocean Conservancy
The Ocean Foundation
Ocean Futures Society
Pacific Marine Conservation Council
Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
Pew Institute for Ocean Science
Pew Oceans Commission
U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)
Project AWARE Foundation
Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)
Salt Water Sportsman Magazine


Shark Research Institute
Shifting Baselines
Sport Fishing Magazine
Surfrider Foundation
United Anglers of Southern California
U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
Waterkeeper Alliance
World Conservation Union
World Wildlife Fund

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