Pazz & Jop Poll Results Announced... Yawn?

| Sat Feb. 10, 2007 9:39 PM EST

The Village Voice's annual poll of music critics, "Pazz & Jop," came out this week, and even though the format has always seemed designed for somewhat conservative outcomes, this year's lists are just... boring. After one and a half months spent adding up the votes (why does it take so long, incidentally? Don't they have Excel?) they come up with the same #1 album as Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan's Modern Times. Wow. At least TV On the Radio's masterpiece came in as a close #2 (apparently beating Dylan in number of mentions, in an event eerily reminiscent of Bush v. Gore). The only thing separating their albums list from every single other critical year-end roundup is... hmmm... the presence of Tom Waits at #10? Well, fine, I guess. The singles list is even more dull, with the typical Gnarls / T.I. / Timberlake / Furtado / Aguilera party posse sitting on top. It's basically right, but jeez, Peter Bjorn & John all the way down at #25? For shame.

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