The Internet Is in Love With These Adorable Fat Bears

It’s called hyperphagia, and it’s highly relatable.

At Katmai National Park in Alaska, the bears are getting fat. Really fat. 

Fat helps brown bears get through hibernation, which can lasts up to six months. “Over the course of winter hibernation in the den, a bear could lose up to one third of its body mass,” according to a press release from the park, which just kicked off its fourth annual Fat Bear Week on Wednesday.

To prepare for the long winter, bears enter “hyperphagia,” a period when the bears eat excessively to gain weight—up to four pounds per day. The bears will wake up in the spring and again begin the search of food.

Take a look at how these bears supersized themselves: 

The bears went viral this week, generating a ton of responses from Twitter users: 

You can watch the bears on the park’s Bear Cams.