Jon Cohn is a Brooks Sap

I’ve written before about David Brooks’s strange schizophrenia. He knows that the lunatic fringe has taken over the Republican Party. I know he knows this because he’s said so in blunt terms. He did it two months ago, and my response at the time was admittedly churlish: “I’ll believe that Brooks has seen the light when he actually keeps this up for a few consecutive weeks.”

He couldn’t do it, really, but his inner demons didn’t give way completely until yesterday, when he penned an anguished cri de coeur slamming President Obama for finally realizing the same thing that he himself realized in July: there’s really no compromising with the modern tea party version of the GOP. You need to fight them, and you need to fight them in public. But now that it’s actually happened, Brooks is an unhappy camper.

Anyway. Read the Brooks column here. Then read Jon Cohn’s response. I wish I had written it.