We Have a Winner: Rick Perry and the Euro

Last night I posted the tail end of the Republican debate:

PELLEY: How do you prevent the European crisis from becoming a problem on Wall Street?

PERRY: Well, the French and the Germans have the economic forewithal to deal with this. They have the economy. When you think about the Euro and when it was established, it was done to be a competitor to the American dollar. They knew what they were doing. And now they find themselves with their overspending and– and– the sovereign debt being built up. And– 

How, I asked, was Perry planning to finish this up when he got cut off? I believe that Rudy2Shoes is our winner:

“And now they find themselves with their overspending and– and– the sovereign debt being built up. And–“

….and then they, you know like Greece and Belljam and, oh, what’s that other one, you know, umm, Oh yeah– Bolivia, I had to kinda look at my diamond-studded Bulova watch a little there to remember that one…., but anyway, getting back to the Euro I just think, well, you know how they left Norway or Sweeden off of the map on the coin and that, well, just sorta made the whole Scandoid Peninsula look just like a big limp penis, so how are you gonna prop up that, that um, currency– you see what I’m sayin? There just ain’t no confidence in the euro bein’ able to perform you see because even if you stimulate it there is a risk involved if it stays stimulated for more than 4 hours or somethin’ like that, I ain’t no ecommonist or nothin, but what has to hap… oooh, ooh, wait a minute….. ENERGY DEPARTMENT!! That’s that other agency I would cut, yes indeed– I bet ya’ll thought i’d never think of that didn’t ya? Yeah, Energy Department has to go right along with, um, um… oh the Tennessee Valley Authority and um, um oh let me look at my notes here…. oh can’t seem to, um.. ah shucks that other agency–, you know the one, that one that is shaped like a boot….um… oh damn– it’s right on the tip of my tongue….

Congratulations, Rudy! Your reward is the admiration of your peers.