Mitt Romney Says He’s Paid Plenty of Taxes Over the Past Ten Years

What with all the Paul Ryan news lately, Harry Reid’s claim that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes over the past decade fell down the memory hole and all but disappeared. At least, it would have disappeared except that Romney decided to bring it up again today. He finds America’s fascination with his taxes to be “very small-minded,” but:

I did go back and look at my taxes, and over the past ten years I never paid less than 13%. I think the most recent year is 13.6, or something like that.

So there you have it. Since Romney paid essentially nothing in payroll taxes, the only reasonable read of this statement is that he never paid less than 13% in federal income taxes in any of the past ten years — though it would probably be wise for someone to ask for clarification on that. That’s the latest.

Via Dan Amira.