Friday Cat Blogging – 14 September 2012

This is Domino doing her best Queen of Sheba pose. She’s been quite perky lately, which Marian and I both appreciate except when she decides to become perky at 4 am. That seems to be settling down a bit, though. Today she waited until 6:30 to leap on my stomach.

You probably want an update on the pills, don’t you? Well, a bunch of you recommended pill pockets, soft little bits of yumminess that you can stuff a pill inside and then feed to your cat. So we got some. My plan was this: feed some of them to Domino without any pills stuffed inside so she’d get used to them as ordinary cat treats. Then alternate throughout the week, sometimes giving her the treats with a pill inside and sometimes not, so she’d never associate the treats with the yucky green pills.

You’ve probably already figured out the ending to this story: she was too smart for me and refused to eat the treats whenever there was a pill inside. But no! For once, the humans outsmarted the cat. I have no idea whether my clever plan was necessary at all, but no matter. Domino inhales the treats eagerly whether there’s a pill inside or not. We only have two more days of pills to give her, and the whole thing has been a breeze. Why didn’t anyone tell us about this before?