Today’s Fluff: M&M’s and Royal Babies

When Marian came home from Virginia, she did not bring me a Virginia ham or Virginia peanuts. She brought me an M&M’s chocolate bar. I’ve never seen such a thing before, so I cracked it open to see what was inside. Answer: it’s a chocolate bar with mini-M&M’s embedded in it. The mini-M&M’s, of course, are candy shells with chocolate inside, so the whole thing is basically a chocolate bar with bits of candy in it.

Now, I can see the case for M&M’s. They’re handy finger food, and they famously melt in your mouth, not in your hands. But that’s because they’re bits of chocolate surrounded by a candy shell. The chocolate bar is bits of candy surrounded by a chocolate shell. I don’t understand the point of this.

And before anyone gets peevish with me, yes, I know this is my third fluffy, nonpolitical post in a row. But this is important! What is the point of an M&M’s chocolate bar?

And as long as we’re on fluffy news, my sister writes to castigate me for blogging about “quantum whatevers” when there’s a new royal baby to talk about. It’s a boy! According to the Guardian, “The names of the baby will be announced in due course.” But you probably want to read the Daily Mail for this kind of news anyway.

Things are obviously getting out of control around here. At this point, how about if we just treat this as an open thread for whatever trivia happens to be occupying your mind at the moment?