Friday Cat Blogging – 4 October 2013

Domino’s favorite activity, by far, is to demand a belly rub. Here’s how it works: she comes barreling down the stairs (because I’m usually downstairs) and starts squawking loudly. Then she tries to lure me into the living room, squawking the whole time, and waits for me to get down on the floor because she prefers that I be at her level. Then she walks back and forth in front of me while I pet her, with her squawks slowly turning into a sort of low rumble that’s halfway between a meow and a purr. Then, after circling back and forth five or six times (never less), she plops down on the floor and turns over for a belly rub.

It’s an extremely choreographed maneuver, with very specific sounds and dance moves. This morning I brought my camera with me for the 9 am showing and took a few selfies. This one is toward the end of the performance, with Domino already plonked on the floor and, as you can see, my hand rubbing her belly. In the picture she looks suspicious, but that’s just a trick of the light. In real life, she was rolling around and completely blissed out.

This happens about a dozen times a day. It’s lucky for her that I work at home.