Friday Cat Blogging – 22 November 2013

Five quilts to go! Our year of quiltblogging is almost over. Today’s quilt doesn’t have a name, but Marian calls it a picnic quilt because it’s squarish and a bit of an odd size. So you should summon up a mental image of this quilt laid out in a park and covered with delicious lunchtime goodies. That’s probably what Domino is doing in this picture. In any case, it’s constructed out of 1930s repro charm squares, and it’s machine pieced and machine quilted.

In local cat news, an LA city councilman wants to allow Angelenos to own five cats, up from the currently allowed three. I have a suspicion that no one has ever paid much attention to this law in the first place, but hooray anyway. Next up: the feline council will be considering a proposal that raises the minimum number of human servants per cat. It’s expected to pass easily.