Days of Our Lives, Rowan County Edition

I wonder what’s going on with this whole Kim Davis thing? I don’t mean the rallies and the martyrdom and all the political posturing. That’s depressingly predictable. I mean, what’s going on inside the county clerk’s office?

There’s a bunch of deputy clerks there, and a judge told them to issue licenses to same-sex couples. They did. Now Davis is being released from jail and she says she’ll never never never back down. But what about the deputies? Surely they’ve been talking about what they’ll do when the boss returns. And presumably, some or all of them have decided to do what the judge tells them. So what happens when the next gay couple walks through the door and one of the deputies starts filling out a marriage license? Does Davis come shrieking out of her office and tackle the guy? Do the rest of the deputies restrain her? Do they cave in and sit around in a mope? Or what?

We won’t find out until the next gay couple comes in, and I don’t suppose that’s a really common occurrence in Rowan County, Kentucky. But I’m mighty curious to find out what happens.