We Get It: Paul Krugman Has Been Right All Along

Here is Paul Krugman just in the past month:

  • It’s now seven years since I warned….
  • Who could have predicted such a thing? Well, me….
  • Many of us warned from the beginning that the multiplier was probably much larger….
  • Those of us who took our Hicks seriously calling the big stuff — the effects of monetary and fiscal policy — right, and those who went with their gut getting it all wrong….
  • As I’ve been trying to point out….
  • As I’ve written many times….
  • Attacks on Keynesians in general, and on me in particular….
  • Here’s what I wrote three years ago….

And that’s not even counting his print columns, which I didn’t have the patience to plow through. I’m a pretty big fan of Krugman, but even for me this stuff has long since gotten old. Maybe it’s time to go cold turkey on the whole “I was right” meme and just concentrate on the economics.