State of the Race: Ben Carson is Doomed

There is truly nothing much to blog about today. So to keep everyone up to date, here are the latest Pollster averages for the GOP primary race. Ben Carson is pretty obviously playing the Cain/Gingrich/Santorum role in this year’s election. Rubio needs to get his act together or else he’ll end up as a mini-Cain/Gingrich/Santorum. And the two most hated men in the race, Trump and Cruz, are doing great. I’m not sure I can tell you what the “Republican establishment” is—a bunch of guys smoking fat cigars while their faithful lobbyists serve them snifters of brandy?—but whoever they are, they must be booking tickets to the Cayman Islands right about now to pick up their stashes of Krugerrands so they can be prepared to flee the country.