Radical Transparency is the Latest Hot Trend in Online Journalism

The latest hot trend in online journalism is transparency in the editing process. For example, there’s this from the New Republic:

The secret is that this is from my RSS feed. You won’t see it if you click the link and go directly to the TNR site. Then there’s this from Vox:

This one, however, turned out not to be a secret RSS bug. Vox just posted the wrong version on their site, and then removed it a few minutes later. Spoilsports. Personally, though, I applaud this trend. I think everyone should publish both initial drafts and final edits, along with all editor queries. Or, maybe some clever anarchist should hack into the New York Times content management system and download a few years’ worth of initial drafts and editor comments. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

NOTE: Do not target me. Someone else, please. Besides, no one edits my blog posts, so there are no fun editor queries. All the mistakes, idiotic opinions, and transparently anti-Bernie/anti-Hillary propaganda is my fault alone.