Yet another scandal for Hillary Clinton! This one revolves around a report that she wore a $12,495 Armani jacket recently. And she wore it to a speech on income inequality. It’s Armanigate! But in a fearless act of investigative journalism, Fashionista has discovered that, in fact, the jacket has been marked down to $7,497. I demand to see the receipts. What does Hillary have to hide?

This is all ridiculous, so let’s change the subject to something important. In what universe is this jacket worth $7,497? Seriously. Come on. It’s made of lambskin, not unobtanium. And if there’s any couture tailoring involved here, we might as well stop using the word. Amirite?

This post is dedicated to my sister, who will probably call in a few minutes to tell me this jacket is to die for and totally worth seven grand. That would be my clothing budget for…um, pretty much my entire life to this point, I think. But then again, I don’t have to put up with a press corps obsessed with what I wear, do I?