Hillary Clinton Wins 52-39 Percent, Sweeps Debates 3-0

I figured the polling on this debate would be closer than before, but still give Hillary Clinton the win. I was sort of right. It was closer than the other two, but she still won by 13 points.1 That’s a fairly impressive blowout.

The CNN folks seemed to think that Trump’s late-debate dig at Clinton—”Such a nasty woman”—was what ultimately sunk him. I dunno. Maybe. There were plenty of other things that sunk him too, though, and just generally most Americans don’t want a president who’s ignorant, mendacious, mean, misogynistic, and unable to control his temper. I think that explains most of it.

1As you may recall, she won the first debate by 35 points, 62-27, and the second debate by 23 points, 57-34.