Donald Trump is Already Living in the Past

Has anyone noticed that Trump’s tweets lately seem to be largely random blasts from the past? It’s like he can’t really think of anything to say anymore, so he’s just reliving his greatest triumphs of the campaign.

In the past few days we’ve been subjected to: Hillary gave away our uranium to the Russians; Ford is investing in American factories; the New York Times apologized after the election; Trump is treated unfairly by the media; the New York Times is failing; the House Freedom Caucus is bad; China is stealing our jobs; the whole Russia thing is a witch hunt; the Russia thing is fake; the Russia thing is a scam; Obamacare is a disaster; the real story is all the illegal leaks; Fox News reports that Trump was spied on during the transition; John Podesta’s brother is a crook; and Hillary got the answers to debate questions.1

Trump has only been in office a few months and he’s already living in the past. This is a bad sign, folks.

1This has always been one of my personal favorites. Aside from the triviality of what actually happened—and the fact that it happened during the primaries, not during the debates against Trump—we have Trump’s assumption that Hillary Clinton received the “answers” to debate questions, as if they’re tests that have right and wrong responses.