Mulvaney: Trump’s Promise Not to Cut Medicaid Has Been “Overridden”

Over at the Weekly Standard, Michael Warren interviews budget chief Mick Mulvaney:

If a budget proposal is a message about priorities, it’s clear entitlement reform isn’t even on President Trump’s radar. When starting on 2018 budget proposal, Mulvaney came to the president with a one-page list of entitlement programs to reform.

“We went down the list: Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, No,” said Mulvaney. “The nos were all Social Security and Medicare. And that’s it. He said, ‘I promised people on the campaign trail I would not touch their retirement and I would not touch Medicare, and we owe it to them.‘”

That’s quite a trick memory Trump has. He actually promised not to touch Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. But he seems to have forgotten all about that last one. What happened?