Conservatives Sure Are Touchy

Conservatives sure are touchy. Here is Alexandra DeSanctis over at National Review:

In a piece yesterday, Cosmopolitan senior writer Rebecca Nelson highlighted seven women who are supposedly “generating 2020 buzz,” and every single woman on her list is either a Democratic politician or a public figure committed to the left-wing cause.

The list doesn’t mention Republican Susan Collins, who has been a GOP senator from Maine for over two decades. It also disregards the GOP’s remaining four female senators, several of whom have been in office longer than the Democratic senators Nelson names.

Likewise ignored are female Republican governors across the country who outnumber their Democratic counterparts four to two. Nelson snubs U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, who served a successful six years as governor of South Carolina and who is widely considered one of the GOP’s rising stars.

I dunno. The article is specifically about people who “could be our first female president,” and I guess Cosmo is assuming that Donald Trump will run for reelection in 2020. This means that no one, male or female, is generating “2020 buzz” on the Republican side of the aisle. Am I missing something here?