John McCain Is…Very Strange Today

It’s John McCain’s turn to question Comey, and he’s babbling on about how confused he is. How could Comey have finished up the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server last year, and yet the investigation of Russia’s interference in the election is ongoing. HOW CAN THAT BE? IT’S A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!

I have no idea what McCain is trying to say here. This is a bizarre line of questioning. He’s genuinely asking how it’s possible that an investigation of Clinton could be concluded while an investigation of Trump on a different subject hasn’t been concluded. Then he drooped a bit and referred a couple of times to “President Comey” before Comey stepped in and reminded McCain that he was right there. When McCain’s time was up, he puffed up his cheeks and shook his head as though he had uncovered something truly damning that no one else understood.

Does McCain have a cold and is loopy from a little too much Nyquil? Or what?