Trump Can’t Even Implement His Own North Korea Sanctions

The Trump administration is urging the rest of the world to sanction North Korea harshly in response to their recent missile launches and nuclear tests. There’s only one problem:

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Monday that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is “begging for war,’’ and called for members to exhaust all possible diplomatic measures and impose urgent economic sanctions to prevent it.

….The Trump administration is also moving to cut off from the international financial system Chinese banks and trading companies that supply Pyongyang, however, those cases are moving slowly because of the hiring freeze at the State Department and personnel shortages at the Justice and Treasury departments, according to Stanton. “The government has made some of the right policy decisions, at least in sanctions, but they are not putting enough people on task,’’ he said.

Typical Trump. He’s too incompetent to implement even policies that are straightforward and have broad bipartisan support. This is, simultaneously, my greatest hope and my greatest fear for the next three years.