What’s the Deal With the Heathrow Express Train?

Twickenham Stadium, the home of rugby union in England. Also the home of the NFL in London, as well as occasional concerts, including U2, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.

We’re in London now. Kensington is our home away from home for the next three weeks.

I’ve never used the express train from Heathrow before, but I did this time. What’s the consensus on this? Is it worth it? That depends a bit on where you’re going, I suppose, but here’s how it seemed to play out to me. The starting point is the entrance to the tube station in Terminal 2/3:

Basically, we paid about $60 to avoid the 20-minute schlep with luggage. Which might be worth it, I suppose, but it seems kinda pricey. I think we would have been better off taking a taxi from the airport or else using the tube and then taking our chances on finding a taxi at Earl’s Court. Live and learn.

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