Here’s the Joint Fundraising Agreement Between Hillary Clinton and the DNC

Following up on yesterday’s post about Hillary Clinton’s joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee, here is the memo itself:

So the bottom line is this: The DNC was broke, and Clinton agreed to raise enough money to fund its data, technology, analytics, research, and communications functions. In return, the Clinton campaign got a veto power over hires in these areas, as well as the power of review over “strategic” and “general election related” decisions and communications in these areas. Both sides agreed that “all activities” performed under the agreement would be focused solely on the general election, not the primaries.

I’m still dithering over whether this was appropriate. Partly it depends on whether the DNC offered Bernie Sanders a similar deal, but apparently things never progressed enough for us to find out. ABC News has the Sanders JFA here, but it’s obviously just boilerplate. Sanders didn’t guarantee any funding to the DNC and the DNC therefore didn’t offer him any particular say in its hiring and decisionmaking. There’s no telling what kind of JFA they would have had if Sanders had decided to take it seriously.

In any case, this was the deal. Comment away.

UPDATE: Either Donna Brazile—who took over the DNC during the general election—is a nutbag or else the Clinton campaign genuinely treated her like shit. I have no idea which it is. But hoo boy, she sure does have a massive grudge against Hillary and everyone associated with her.