Lunchtime Photo

On London’s double-decker buses, the front seat on the top level provides a panoramic view of the whole street. For tourists, at least, it’s the primo seat to get. For tourists who like to snap photos, it’s the uber-primo seat. Naturally, I made a beeline for it every time we got on a bus.

But here’s a funny story. One of the things I wanted to do was take some pictures through raindrops on the front window. You can get some interesting effects that way, and London has lots of famous sights to use for the background. Unfortunately, I bring good weather with me every place I go. Seriously, I do. And I did it again on this trip. Aside from a bit of drizzle, it barely rained at all, and never when I was on the bus. Bummer, huh? Now you’ve heard it all: someone who visited London for a month in October and complained that there wasn’t enough rain.

Anyway, this picture was taken from my usual perch on the #9 bus. We’re on Kensington High Street near Argyll Road headed west. Look at all the pretty brake lights!