Republicans Are Losing the Middle

Quinnipiac called the Virginia governor’s race spot on, so it’s worth taking a look at their latest national poll. Here it is:

The Republican Party brand relies on two things: cutting taxes and being tough on national security. According to Quinnipiac, they’re squandering both. By large margins, people think the Republican tax plan favors the rich and will likely increase their own taxes. By equally large margins, they don’t think the tax plan will increase growth and they don’t approve of it.

Similarly, most people think the Russians interfered with the election and most people think it’s important. By itself that’s not a problem, but a smallish majority think the Trump campaign colluded with them. What’s more, people think Trump probably did something either illegal or unethical by a whopping 22 percent margin (57-35). And they think the same about Trump’s advisors by an astonishing 51 percent margin (71-20).

Needless to say, these results are massively partisan. The reason Republicans are losing so badly is because independents mostly side with the Democratic point of view. Republicans are badly losing the middle of the electorate these days.