The Kids These Days

You think the kids these days are out of control? Pfft. Just wait until that hummingbird gets a taste of my mighty leap and razor sharp teeth. *That's* out of control.

I am sick again, with a reprise of the exact same stomach bug I had earlier this week. I’m pissed. What’s going on here?

Anyway, I feel too lousy to do any actual thinking, but this Noah Smith tweetstorm represents my view of the kids these days so perfectly that I have to pass it along. I probably would have added a caveat that I think there is a genuine lack of respect for free speech rights on campuses these days, but that’s about it. However, I don’t really have any idea how serious this problem is, so let’s just leave it alone for now and let Noah have the stage while I go back to bed.

NOTE: You can follow Noah at his blog here and at Bloomberg News, where he writes a regular column.